True Form Group Exhibition Update

It has been quite an experience curating this group exhibition!
I planned everything months in advance. The artworks were framed, website up, marketing done, and all 6 artists were ready for the party! One week away from the official opening, which was going to host about 150 people, the news of COVID-19 spreading at incredible speed around the world, revealed a need for urgent change in our plans. Having a gathering of that size, or even half that size was off the cards.

So we decided to cancel the opening, but hang the artwork anyway so visitors have the opportunity to come and see the artwork when they please in a safer environment.

Knowing that attendance will be very low, we also made this short video (below) introducing the realist group show, as well as longer walkthrough video that provides a virtual alternative to physically walking through the gallery. All this can be found on the website as well as images of all the artworks and information about each artist. I hope you take this opportunity to explore it form the comfort of your home. I hope it helps to lift your spirits in these uncertain times. 🙂

The exhibition remains open, all enquiries can be made through Black Spot Gallery or myself.
Gallery contact details: Black Spot Gallery & Studios
20 Milgate Drive, Mornington
Contact Allan on 0418 321 620 or