For the last two weeks I’ve been staying in a cottage overlooking the ocean on the shores of Portsea, Victoria. It’s the most amazing place. Artists have been attracted to this location since the 1860’s. The highlight for me has been the spectacular displays of everchanging light, magnificent skies and ocean. I’ve witnessed clouds rolling in and rain falling over the water in the distance, the gorgeous sunrises and colourful sunsets, the effects of light on the colours at various times of day, all this teaches me much about the choices we make when painting landscapes.

I loved the isolation, the tranquillity, the birds and the views from the gatekeeper’s cottage where I was staying. I was reminded of my fascination with the early morning. Here I had the opportunity to catch every sunrise, witness the glowing light move across the earth, hear the song of the waking birds and experience it all in complete privacy, like my own daily spiritual ritual. This place will always stay with me now, I know I will come back here often, and it will feel like coming home.

Big thank you to Mornington Peninsula Shire and Regional Gallery for making this experience possible.



It’s been a challenging, but extremely rewarding 3 years.

Making the decision to go back to uni at age 32 was not an easy one, but I knew that this course will give me the type of knowledge I couldn’t get anywhere else or on my own. The support and guidance I received from the tutors who are all professional practicing artists was invaluable. I especially want to thank Leslie Eastman for directing me in my research and concept development.

I have learned to trust my own judgement when it comes to developing and executing ideas, to critique artwork with confidence, to curate a body of work in a way thats most effective, to write and talk about my work and my practice.

It was fantastic to see all the students’ artwork together on display for the grad show last week. The exhibition presented the breadth of disciplines students have explored throughout their time in the course, such as installations using various materials, sculpture, photography and painting.  The opening of the exhibition was joyous and exciting.

Thank you, Monash. I can’t wait to take the next step in my art career.


In September I was invited to showcase some of my work at the Monash University student gallery.
My exhibition was called ‘I breathe better when I sleep’. The collection of works I chose to display portray figurative works that attempt to explore internal states such as quiet contemplation, self-awareness, the desire for safety, privacy and inner balance.


On May 31st I had the opportunity to show my work and enjoy an opening night at Box Hill Community Arts Centre where I have been an artist in residence since February. The show featured portraits created during my time there, as well as many recent paintings and drawings. It was a wonderful evening and I want to thank everyone who came along and showed support!


My pozible campaign to raise funds for the Sydney show was successful. I am thrilled that I was able to not only reach my goal, but go beyond my target! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first decided to set this up. It was nerve wrecking at first, but it turned out to be a fantastic experience. I have received tremendous amount of positive feedback, love and support that has boosted my confidence and opened up new possibilities.

It was such an amazing experience to fly to Sydney and participate in the Her Story Group Exhibition.

I came back from my Sydney adventures feeling inspired and energised. It was a fantastic experience, the venue was packed on the  opening night, some of the works found new homes, including my ‘Waratah’. I’m am so stoked to have been part of this show! Its a huge step forward for me and I learned an awful lot. A massive thank you to everyone who supported me in various ways.